Loader module install ok, but nothing to do

Good morning,
In my development instance of the SuiteCRM, I created a custom module with around 40 fields (dropdowns, text area, integer, checkbox etc) and there is also 1 relate fields (throw accounts module)
I exported the module, and then load in other istance of SuiteCRM. I install the module and the procedure ends without error (installation completed with success), but I can’t find the module: there aren’t tables into database, there isn’t the module folder into modules
I don’t know why, and where is the problem. :tired_face:
The version of SuiteCRM instances is the same.

Can someone help me?
Thank you so much,

I don’t have experience with creating modules and exporting/importing, normally I move my customizations around by moving the custom folder.

But a first question is: in QR & R, does it offer to run some SQL? If so, do it.

Hi, thank you for reply.
I made a big stupid mistake!
I take personalizations from Studio and try to install them and not export my custom module first.