Live chat integration

I want to implement a live chat feature for my website application.
Any of you had experience in connecting an external chat application to SuiteCRM?

Hi @hugrave

We had implemented similar feature. Feel free to send me a direct message.


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Hello @andopes! Thank you for answering. unfortunately, I am not able to send you a private message.

I am interested in creating a live chat integration with SuiteCRM. What I am thinking to do is, signup for an external live chat service (such as LiveChat) and create some webhook to my custom software. Then, this software is communicating with SuiteCRM in order to retrieve the contacts and the deals. However, I am also considering the possibility of creating everything custom and add a new view to SuiteCRM software itself, in order to have everything in a single software. Do you have experience in this sense? What are your opinions?

I am also interested in the integration of a live chat system with SuiteCRM. In this case I already use the livechat from Rocket.Chat. It already has triggers for sending information via Webhooks. How can I create incoming webhooks using SuiteCRM to receive this information from Rocket.Chat livechat.

Creating a popup view seems to be a good approach. Such popup would listen for events from Chat application and then render the updates into chat view. It also would let SuiteCRM user to type messages which would be sent to Chat application as well.
Such implementation requires customization on both Chat application layer (integration layer?) and SuiteCRM as well.
We have done an implementation which is working like a charm.

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Would love to see iMessage for Business integration if possible…