Listview of custom Module doesn't display the I

Hi all.

I’ve created some custom Modules in Suitecrm 7.8.3.
All of these has no information symbol on the right in the Listview.
Can anyone tell me, what I have to do to get this also in the custom modules list view?

I don’t know the answer, but that “i” is called “additional details” in SuiteCRM.

So if you Google that term you might find an answer. You might also want to look information on that linked to SugarCRM, as long as it is up to version 6.5 (after that the projects diverged).

Good luck.

I have the same question.
I created a few custom modules in module builder. And it will be very usefull to show popup window with additional details like in standart modules.

Got answer in another topic.

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