Listview Mass Action "Delete" still visible after disabling in user role

When I set “Delete” to none within a role I created, it does not disappear from the listview mass action drop down. All other mass action options do disappear when I disable them in the role, like export, import, etc. I even ran a quick repair and rebuild.

I am using SuiteCRM v 7.10.7 / PHP v7.2.

You can hide it with a logic hook.
Follow this link for instructions:


Thank you. I will try to check it out. Seems like a bug though as all the other mass action options are working based off role. Wondering if others are seeing this too. I’m using version 7.10.7.

Don’t know if it is a bug but you can definitely use a logic hook. Here is a more specific sample:

Apart from any efforts you make to work around this, I suggest asking here

since the developer of that was the original contributor of the entire Security Suite that lives inside SuiteCRM. So if it’s a bug he will want to know. Thanks

Thank you. I reported the case there.

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