List View Row Color - Conditional Formatting


Has anyone successfully altered the ENTIRE row color of records in list view depending on the record’s status? Specifically, here’s what I’m aiming to accomplish:

I want to change the entire row color for invoice records based on their STATUS. For example, the row should be green if the invoice is paid, red if it’s unpaid, and yellow if it’s partially paid.
Additionally, if there’s a way to set a specific color for rows where the invoice status is “not paid” and the due date has passed, that would be fantastic.

I’ve noticed other threads discussing conditional formatting that changes the border color of the status field in list view based on the status value, but that approach doesn’t meet my needs.

also, It would be great to do this in the Custom folder to make it upgrade-safe.

I appreciate it if anybody can help me out with this. please note, I have a good idea of the structure of folders and files of the suitecrm 7, but I am not professional in coding. If you can provide some details with instructions it would be really helpful.

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There’s no straightforward way to do that in SuiteCRM.

But if course they’re are ways, the whole code is open to you.

Hi @dfanaei

You can easily change the color of the List View according to the status using free plugins in SuiteCRM.

I hope your problem will be resolved.

Thanks for your reply @brucemcIntyre
This plugin made my campaign module glitch. So, I had to remove it.
I am trying to find a way to highlight the whole row instead of one field.

You have to update the listview TPL file. Then you can do it for campaigns.

A shortcut solution can be to use process record hook and change the color of one column, then add some JS code to read the parent row ID and change its CSS like the way you like

Thanks for your feedback on free plugin. This will help to improve plugin.
Do you have any screenshots of the error?