List View Related Field Issue

I have added a related field to the cases module. When I log in and go to this list view, I can see the correct data listed. When another user logs in and goes to the cases list view, they see the ID for the related field.

When the second user views the details of the case, the correct data is displayed.

The related field is pointing to a custom module. What I don’t understand is why am I seeing the correct data, but another user is not. We are both administrators.

I have already tried running “Repair Roles”, “Rebuild Relationships”, and “Quick Repair and Rebuild” with no luck.

We are using version 7.9.6 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Any ideas?

UPDATE: This issue appears to be only with this one particular admin user. It seems like for some reason his username is loading an old version of the page. Still not sure why though.

RESOLUTION: Turns out the user had a custom view for the cases list view which was displaying an old field.

You can also check the Theme/Views for that user. Changing the theme from User Profile and View from Security Groups via Studio will fix it.