Is there anyway to add a List-Unsubscribe e-mail address header to campaigns? (Because users find it helpful, Gmail uses it to automatically unsubscribe users, and it improves message delivery rates by lowering spam scores!)

The List-Unsubscribe header is an optional chunk of text that email publishers and marketers can include in the header portion of the messages they send. Recipients don't see the header itself, they see an Unsubscribe button they can click if they would like to automatically stop future messages.

Right now the header is used to enable an Unsubscribe button in Windows Live Beta (the next version of Hotmail) and for more than a million Cloudmark toolbar users. If history is any guide, we'll see a similar feature in Outlook soon.

A List-Unsubscribe header might look like this:

Subject: [espc-tech] More info on List-Unsubscribe
Date: August 31, 2006 3:13:02 PM CDT
List-Unsubscribe: <>, <>

As you can see, it supports both an email based (mailto) and web based (http) unsubscribe mechanism.

Perhaps there is a better place for me to suggest this (SuiteCRM is/will be better than Sugar, right?). Does SuiteCRM have a feature suggestion tool similar to bug reporting?