List stacking, Target List occurences?


I am tryng to find out how can i generate a report or query that will allow me to see the targets with the most target lists?

I use different real estate lists, and i created a target list for each category.

  1. Absentee
  2. Vacant
  3. Tax Delinquent
  4. Foreclosure

I want to print a list of records with the most occurences of lists
John doe - 4
Mary joe - 3
Peter doe - 2

and possibly be able to see what list is each target on like
John Doe - absentee/vacant/tax delinquent/foreclosure
mary doe - absentee/vacant/foreclosure
peter doe - vacant/foreclosure

I tried to create a report in targets & in targetlist, with the ids and conditions matching vacant & foreclosure but i get 0 hits, when peter doe is on both list… it works when i try the report only on 1 list…

Anyone help on i can do this?

thank you

Here is the Fields parameters to match what you’re asking for most occurrences. Hope that helps.

The additional part of the report I was close but I haven’t quite figured out how to make the count descending and be grouped…

Here is the parameters anyway…

Hope that helps :wave:

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Thank you, that helped me alot in sorting out targets by occurrences in target_list…