List of Erros


I found some errors or may be i do not understand few things in Suite CRM 7.1 MAX

  1. Theme Settings in admin panel — If i change color settings then they do not change in layout even if i clear the cache also. Actions and Recently View text is coming in white color.

  2. How can i change the text of Suite Dashboard. Did not find place where i can change this text ?

  3. How can i make recently view bar not in drop down but in a sub navigation bar.

  4. In Opera the All tab will not come in two columns. All Menus come in single column and some menus get hide.

  5. Schedulers do not work until we do not comment CLI Only text in cron.php

  6. How can i add some text after Save and Cancel button in Account edit view

Hi Hansie,

Welcome to SuiteCRM. To answer your points:

1.) This was a bug which was addressed in the SuiteCRM 7.1.2 release.
2.) This would need to be changed within the language files of SuiteCRM.
3.) This would need to be changed in the theme files.
4.) This is a bug which will be addressed in future releases.
5.) Can you elaborate on this issue? After adding the line to your cron tab, do the schedulers run?
6.) Again, this would be a code customisation.