Linux distribution


What distribution of Ubuntu or Debian could you advise to play SuiteCMR with? Because i tried installed on Ubuntu 16.04 and it’s crash out…

Ubuntu 16.04 is probably the easiest and most reliable SuiteCRM installation platform possible. It surely won’t crash unless you do something wrong.

I have a tutorial here

Right now I would recommend using Ubuntu 18.04, since it is newer and installation is quite similar. Only PHP module names will change a bit since you will get PHP 7.3.

I used this tutorial:

And i stacked on step 9. How can i start installation of cmr in web browser if i didn’t config ip for him earlier… i don’t understand this.

That tutorial is a bit over-complicated at some points (compare to mine). But it has advantages if you need them (Let’s Encrypt certificates, for example).

The IP address is the address of your server. If you Google for ways to find out your own IP address you will find this.

Is this your own server? Or is it shared hosting? Where does the server reside, and how do you access it on the Internet (by name or by IP)?

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I did it. I did the same as tutorial and I can run Intall but i have one problem, when trying run it it’s problem of session.save_path.

My current settings:

session.save_path = “/var/lib/php/sessions/”

why it’s wrong?

Ok, i fix it. God damn, i didnt expect that will be so satisfying i think i will love Linux :smiley: thank you for help!!!