Linking Opportunities to Leads

Is there any way I can tie an opportunity to a Lead? For some reason that module/subpanel is not activated under the Lead tab.

I understand that Opportunities are tied to Contacts - but many times we get emails via our website and these leads are individuals that we have NOT yet done business with and as such, don’t have a Contacts record (yet, if at all).

All I want to do is record that there is a possible “opportunity” with a Lead that has contacted us via email/website.

have you tried adding this relationship through studio?

Hi Darren, sorry for the delay. I still have not been able to do this.

Hopefully there’s a workaround where we can attached opportunities to Leads without making them a full blown contact (yet).

Adding a relationship between Leads & Opportunities makes the Opportunity subpanel appears in the Leads detailview. But when making then a new Opportunity it still requires an Account Name, as this is a required field.
I don’t see a way of adjusting this field to not-required, like it is possible for some other fields.

To make not-required account, please put $sugar_config[‘require_accounts’] = false; line in config_override.php file.