Linking multiple organizations to a contact

A person can belong to more than one organization (e.g. as a board member). How can I link all organizations to that one person? Thanks.

Out of the box I don’t believe so, however it isn’t difficult to customise to get it to work you can create a new field with the data type Relate and then add that into the detail and edit view.

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The Relate field is only allowing me to select one Account.

I’ve been playing with Relationships and looks like it might do the trick.

I have tried Relationships and don’t understand why the out-of-box doesn’t work in the same manner as the custom Relationships that I have created.

Admin > Studio > Contacts > Relationships

Name: accounts_contacts
Primary module : Accounts (Label: “Accounts DISCONTINUED”; Subpanel from Accounts: default)
Type: Many to Many
Related Module: Contacts (Label: “Contacts DISCONTINUED”; Subpanel from Contacts: ForAccounts)

Name: contacts_accounts_2
Primary module : Contacts (Label: “Contacts NEW”; Subpanel from Contacts: ForAccounts)
Type: Many to Many
Related Module: Accounts (Label: “Member Organizations NEW”; Subpanel from Accounts: default)

When I have created the custom version, I was able to see “Member Organizations NEW” on the list of Subpanels (see screenshot).

If I am able to see the related module “Member Organizations NEW” on the list, why is the default related module “Contacts DISCONTINUED” not showing up on the list? This is where I am confused on.