Linking incoming emails to history panel in leads

The CRM does a great job of linking outgoing emails sent to a specific lead into the history sub panel and also when you do a manual ‘import to sugar’ from individual emails.

My questions is how do we get this done automatically?

For example each time you do a ‘check email’ in your inbox, when it detects that an email belongs to a specific lead/ contact it will save the incoming email into the history sub panel?


I would like to know about this also…

Has anyone figured this out?

Please read about “group email accounts” in the Docs site.

It is a bit of a misnomer, these accounts are not just for Groups, they are the accounts that get automatic import treatment in SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM should be able to link them to records automatically, although I confess I don’t know much about that, never used it. You’ll have to try it and see what works.

Hello lwliang1, Can you fix this issue? I have the same question…thanks