Linking emails in SuiteCRM


I am looking for a solution to be able to tick multiple leads within SuiteCRM and email every email inside each lead with a custom message (with mail-merge fields).

Is it possible to link my emails to SuiteCRM? Please note, my emails are held on my private web server (not using Outlook/Gmail/etc.).

In List views, you should be able to tick several records and then select from (the actions dropdown) the option “Email”. This will open a single Compose view window with all the emails in the “To” field, separated by commas.

Maybe you don’t want that (a single email to many people), you probably want separate emails for each one. So you could pick a different bulk action instead: Add to Target List. Then you’d have to fire a campaign with that Target List, which is quite more complex (definitely not just a couple of clicks away). Even in this case, I don’t think you’d easily get much in the way of “mail-merge” fields, i.e. variable substitution.

I have add-ons that would facilitate this, but they come at a cost. PowerWorkflows lets you trigger stuff from individual records, or from list views; and PowerReplacer allows you to create “send email” Workflows with all the variable replacement you might need.

If you want guidance doing your own custom code I don’t mind helping, answering your questions.

Thanks for your reply. May be we able to speak over Skype or alternative messenger to discuss further?

I will send you a Private Message here on the Forums