Linking Date fields to the Calendar


I was wondering if its possible to link “date” fields in modules, for e.g. in projects module, we have a date on which certain actions need to be taken. These are not “tasks” but stored as “date” fields. Is it possible to show these dates on the “calendar” of the assigned user for that project? If not, is therea workaround to this?


As an alternative, I also tried using the “Task Option” for such actions and created a task with a specific date (starting and finishing on the same date).
Then I made sure the task was assigned to the right user and in that user’s calendar settings, the “task” option is selected.

However, the task doesn’t appear on their calendar? Wondering if I am doing something wrong, or if it takes some time for the calendars to update? I have waited more than 15 minutes but the task didnt show up?

Still looking for some assistance with this.

I can only say that Tasks are in fact supposed to appear in the Calendar, if dates and user assignment are correct… they appear right away, no need to wait (just refresh screen or click the Calendar menu link again to refresh).

You could also look into Workflows to make certain field values automatically create Tasks or Calendar entries. But I’m not very familiar with that so I can’t really help you there.

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Thanks for your input. I just did some more testing and realised there are two kinds of tasks.

  1. Tasks inside a “project template”. Please see attached screenshot for 2 tasks I have inside a template. These tasks are also referred to as “task templates” when they are inside the template. From the template I created a “new project” and these tasks were assigned to me with a specific date. They DONT appear on the Calendar.

  2. However, I created a task inside one of the 2 tasks above (a sub-task?). For this task, I was able to create a “specific time” also (the above tasks dont allow me to add a specific time) and these tasks DO appear on the calendar.

So now I wonder are project template tasks supposed to appear on the calendar - ideally as whole day events?