LinkedIn integration In suiteCRM

Hi, i am new with suitecrm, and i have also bought suitecrm book suitecrm for Developers , but i cant find any thing about suitecrm connectors and linkedIn integration, i have created custom twitter integration, but i looking for some simple example which in which i can get companies profile and use company detail in suitecrm. please let me know any tutorial or code example.


The old integration method with LinkedIn was discontinued from their end if I recall correctly, there is however a Google Chrome plugin for pulling information from Facebook and LinkedIn into SuiteCRM, it is only a one way integration but it has proven useful in my experience.

If you search for sociaLead in the chrome plugin store it should be there. The makers are urdhva tech, you will see them around quite a bit. Website here.

As to custom coding a solution, I haven’t found the need for it as yet with sociaLead. Best of luck.

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