Linkedin Connector

Dear people,

Does anyone has a connector to linkedin.
Is it possible to develop one ?
I read that´s linedin API doesn´t permit anymore connections with external application for free.

Any help is welcome :wink:


The linkedin connector was removed from SuiteCRM as it posed security vulnerabilities, and LinkedIn do not support development for any other CRM than microsoft dynamics and salesforce as far as I am aware.



Thinking about doing something like this home grown, best solution I can see is to export linkedin contacts manually. You could possibly make your system mimick Outlook, or use Google Contacts to sync.

You may try our Google Extension that grabs linkedIn contact and leads to SuiteCRM. It is absolutely free.

404 error when I click that link

I believe Urdvatech had to remove their plugin

There are a couple available on the store, depends what you need but no free options I am aware of anymore