Link visibility

Hi All,

I have a field with a link. I need a link be visible as a text. When I press on text I go to necessary location.
I mean I need a text with hyperlink ( please check the attachment).
How can I do this in SuiteCRM?

This is not a built in feature to SuiteCRM. However, it is possible to create a function field to customize how the filed is displayed. It requires some php development.

If you just need the Hyperlink, you can add a field type “URL” from studio. If you want to show the Text label and link that label to URL, what you need to do is check CustomCode option for detailviewdefs of your module which you can place at custom/modules/YOUR_MODULE/metadata/detailviewdefs.php.

Here is a sample of code on how the customcode looks like.

array (
‘name’ => ‘YOUR_FIELD_NAME’,
‘customCode’ => ’ {$fields.YOUR_FIELD_NAME.value}’,