Link inbound email to contact

Is it possible to link inbound email to the contact that has that email ? As of now, I have to right click the email to chose ‘Import to Suite CRM’ option to make the email linked to the contat. Can’t this be done automagically ?

Oh ! I got it. I was doing it wrong. I’m supposed to create a group email account for that. The group account will automatically assign the email to the concerned contact. Also, the email must not be read. As soon as the email in the group account is read anywhere, eg. on Outlook, the email won’t be fetched by Suite CRM and thus can’t attach to the contact. Personal email accounts can’t attach email to contact automatically unless they are manually attached.
I’m using a group account account now and things are working fine.

Hi there,

Can you help please. I am just setting up Suite have put in all aour accounts, contact and docs. I can send email no problem but how do I link it to the contact? and is it possible to see all emails under relevant accounts?



The sent emails automatically assign themselves to the contact. Nothing needs to be done.

Many thanks