Link for custom entry point in menu

IS there away to add a link to the menu menu for a custom entry point?

I can customize the quick create menu, but I need a link to an entry point in a specific place.

I have only used the " MODULE MENU FILTERS" option to change these menus in the past.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You should modify into the file - include/EditView/SubpanelQuickCreate.php the line:

$this->ev->defs['templateMeta']['form']['buttons'] = array('SUBPANELSAVE', 'SUBPANELCANCEL', 'SUBPANELFULLFORM');

Thanks for the reply, but i don’t think i explained it well. I am after adding links into this menu.

Check here for some ideas:



It’s module list only. You can make special module only. Another way you can change function ‘displayHeader’ of system file:
include/MVC/View/SugarView.php. look at line numbers from 734 to 780.

The third way to write javascript and load it using logichook - ‘after_ui_footer’.

There is a “proper” way to do this

The “Menu” extensions are just for this purpose.

If you’re having trouble getting it to work, have a look at the function that loads these items:

Yes. It’s another menu. It’s menu of the module. But he want make the item in main menu.

@p.konetskiy You’re right.

@peted Then I suggest a custom _headerModuleList.tpl

Copy themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl
Into custom/themes/SuiteP/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl

in the new file, between these two lines

add something like this:

{if $group == "Support"}<li><a href="">Docs!</a></li>{/if}

Instead of “Support”, use whatever top menu you wish to add to.

Note that a separate entry is likely necessary for the mobile menu, when the screen width is lower everything changes (search for it in the same file).

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Thanks for this, I have had a quick play and i can get what i need on the top menu. @pgr thanks for your suggestion about module menu, This would prove useful for other modules. However i can’t get it working for custom entry points.

My menu.ext.php contains this:

$module_menu = array();

$module_menu[] = array('index.php?entryPoint=PurchasingTable', 'Purchase Table', 'import', null);

however when it is clicked the URL it directs to is: /index.php?action=ajaxui#ajaxUILoc=index.php%3FentryPoint%3DPurchasingTable

and it opens up the entry point in a error window.

Any Suggestions?

Do 2 steps:

  1. change your call



‘NoAjaxUse’ can be any name.
2. add line to file - config_override.php:

$sugar_config['addAjaxBannedModules'] = array('NoAjaxUse');
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Great Stuff, Thank you