Link dropdown list with


I’m looking for a ressource to know how to link a dropdown list with an integer field.

I’m using suiteCRM 7.10.1

I have this, but it seems to be outdated:


That’s is the opposite of outdated, it is too new :slight_smile: those features are on SugarCRM after the fork was made, so they are not in SuiteCRM.

Try to check documentation up to version 6.5:

or explain a little better what you’re trying to do, what you tried and what problems you had.

I found this:

But I don’t know wherecan I define it as dependent.


Sorry, that’s Sugar Logic, you strayed onto documentation for a new version again :slight_smile:

That doesn’t exist in SuiteCRM.

In Opportunities module, the sale_stage is linked with the Probabilty field, It’s not possible to edit it in sugarCRM ?

This is the SuiteCRM forums, why do you keep asking questions about SugarCRM? Which one are you using, after all?

And if you are using SuiteCRM, please explain better what do you mean by “edit”. Tell me in which screen you are, and what you’re trying to do.

In Opportunity module, by default the Sales Stage field is automatically linked with the Probability field.

I would like to reproduce it with another fields.

Ah finally I understand your question, sorry if I was being daft :blink:

That is custom code to customize the Edit view, injecitng some javascript into the view:

Check out also this are of the code

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: