line_items.js in modules/AOS_Products_Quotes

I removed product line button in line_items.js in modules/AOS_Products_Quotes:

footer_cell.innerHTML="<input type=‘button’ tabindex=‘116’ class=‘button’ value=’"+SUGAR.language.get(module_sugar_grp1, ‘LBL_ADD_PRODUCT_LINE’)+"’ id=’"“addProductLine’ onclick='insertProductLine(”""",""+groupn+"")’ />";

and now i cant get it back! I uploaded line_items.js from copy and repaired…

Seems Like A Cache Issue…

I am currently working on this.

The “updgrade safe” method they always talk about is to put the js file in the /custom/modules/ folder


there is a line in the controller to check for the existence of this js file.

Then make your changes there and you won’t mess up the core files.

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