Line Items and Line Item Groups editing - Where?

This may seem a very silly question from someone who has been using the system for a while but …

When I import line items into quotes, it allows me to view the line items at the end of the Import via a Line Items edit screen. However, I can’t find this anywhere in the system as a drop down option from the main dashboard or anywhere else. How can you get into this from the app ?

On the exact same issue, I wanted to create a couple of new line item groups, which we haven’t used in the system, specifically for some new quote line item imports. However, I can obviously create these by doing so in a quote but can’t find any way of maintaining these within the system - am I missing something ?

This seems very basic but has got me scratching my head.

It seems that there should be a part of a module that allows these to be maintained within the application itself but I can’t seem to find anything or I might be missing the obvious.

Any pointer gratefully received.

SuiteCRM 8.2.4 Running on hosted Linux Server

On further investigation, I am assuming that in the line Items screen in any quote, the line items edit should appear when you click on the highlighted linked product name in the line itself, but I am getting the ‘you are not authorised… contact your system administrator’.

However, I am logged in with full administrator privileges so are these lines restricted only to the assigned user ? doesn’t seem right to me.

In addition, when I add a manual line onto the quote, selecting an existing product, the cost and price figures all show as Nan.Nan - see below;