Line item element in quote list an others.

Hope you can help me.

I have problems with the line item element when I use it in list tables like quote list.

When I use teh element in a column I get a blank space, nothing. How can I repair this bug?

I attached image.

Thanks so much for your support.

That possibility probably should not even be there… how could this work, if Line items can have multiple items? It can’t show the list of line items inside a single column in a larger list…

Thanks for your replay.

So, How can then I show the products for each quote in quote list or invoice list?
Is that possible? What need to be done?

Thank you.

In SuiteCRM views, unless you code some very specific changes, you’ll have to go into each Invoice or Quote to see the list of Line Items.

But you might be able to get what you want in a Report, check the Reports module. It won’t be interactive, but it provides a list and can handle groups (lists inside lists).

I will try.

But if I hire someone to make the code change, what is the way to do that?
I have read about change line-item.js but I really do not find right information.

Could you please give a clue about how to do this customization?

Thanks so much.

If what you want to change is the List view, then you need to use a hook on that view, like this one:

It won’t help to change LineItem.js which I believe only affects the Edit view, or possibly also the Detail view.

Then, I am not sure how you would want this to display. How do you put a list inside a list? Would it suffice to show Line items very briefly, in a comma-separated list, like “Product 1, Product 2, Product 3”?