Limit to emails sent in a Campaign?

is there a limit to the number of emails that can be sent in a Campaign?

I have a Campaign that will send to 13,400 Targets

I don’t think there are any limits, unless your email provider has them.

There is a setting to limit the number of emails per batch, this SugarCRM article explains it pretty well, and it still applies to SuiteCRM:

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Short answer:

There is no limit: you can send as many emails you wish with an email Campaign

Long answer:
There is no limit, however:

  • each time the email Campaigns scheduler in charge of sending emails is run, it will process a batch of emails.
    . the number of emails per batch is defined in a SuiteCRM variable that can be manipulated going to Admin->Emails section->Campaign emails and change the value of “Number of emails sent per batch” then save. (you may define it by user or for the whole system)
    . be aware that, if you set this value to a high number then you have to make sure that your system (independently from SuiteCRM) may not be capabale (for various reasons) to process all the emails it is instructed to send in one batch, resulting in a time-out or even a crash. Suggestion; keep the number low or at least reasonable (between 10/20 on a poor performing system to 100 or 200 max in a reasonably powered system)
  • Your smtp provider may not allow you to send more than a certain number of emails in one or more intervals of time. For example: max 5.000 every 24 hours AND max 200 every 20 minutes (or other combinations or limitations imposed by your provider). Failing to respect the provider’s limitations may result in the application of the policies defined by the provider. For example: total suspension or ban of all your services (not just email); additional charges; etc…
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