Limit Target Lists to *500* contacts.

Hello guys, I recently started using SendSMS (LINK) and Plivo “suggests” not to send more than 500 messages per day per phone so that the number doesn’t get blacklisted by carriers.

I am currently doing the following:
1-Create a reoprt with the specific people I want to target.
2-Create a target list from that report.
2-Send bulk SMS to that entire target list.

BUT, lets say the target list contains 1500 contacts, at the moment the SMS will only reach 500 people, because SendSMS is configured that way.
My question is:
Can I somehow create multiple target lists each containing 500 contacts each from that 1 report?

REPORT contains 1500 CONTACTS
I want to create 3 target lists:
1-From contact 1 to contact 500
2-From contact 501 to contact 1000
3-From contact 1001 to contact 1500

Is that possible somehow? Thanks in advance!