License Clarification


On the SuiteCRM website ( it states that SuiteCRM also used the AGPL3 license.

However, on the forum page it states "SuiteCRM has adopted the GPLv3 license. This forum is the place to discuss general information about the GPLv3 license with regards to SuiteCRM and its collaborators/contributors. "

My questions are:

  1. What is the SuiteCRM license?
  2. If the answer to one above is GPL3, does SuiteCRM not have to adopt the SugarCRM license model (i.e AGPL3) since it is based on their source code?

I am no license guru so not pretending to be an expert. Just trying to understand the license model

Thanks in advance

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Hi Dion,

You are correct SuiteCRM is licensed under the AGPL. The text describing the licensing subforum is incorrect. I’ll see about getting this changed.


This has been updated, thanks for pointing it out!