Leveraging Smarty Templates to modify Detailview and Editview

Hey All,

I’ve collected a bunch of examples of using Smarty Templates and the CustomCode feature when defining custom layouts in Editivew and Detailview in SuiteCRM. It’s a super convenient, easy and powerful way to format and control output in Detailview and Editview. I put together a compendium of examples I’ve collected over the years. Hope people find this useful. I get as SutieCRM 8 is developed there will be less reliance on this structure, but for those still on SuiteCRM 7 this is super useful.


  • formatting currency output
  • Changing Colors
  • Making fields read only
  • Calculations
  • Business logic
  • Validation



If you want, you can add my examples to your list.

I will, thanks @p.konetskiy just haven’t had a chance yet. They are great!