Leaving the project, long life to SuiteCRM translations

I want to inform you all that I have decided to stop collaborating on SuiteCRM translations as of October 10, 2021, as I will no longer use the CRM SuiteCRM software in my professional life.
All these years I’ve always been a volunteer, always independently and not connected to SalesAgility, but now it’s time to pass on the testimony.
I have been managing the SuiteCRM translation project at Crowdin for 6 years, to facilitate the collaborative work and to have the greatest number of translations available in the same place. There are now more than 3400 project members collaborating.
SuiteCRM is now translated into sixty-two languages ​​in total, twenty-three of which are usually complete (or at least over 95% done).
My main task has been to organize the translations done using Crowdin project. I also translated my language, like many volunteer translators into their 62 languages, ​​and we all shared selflessly with the entire world.
The SuiteCRM translation project will continue, now managed directly by Salesagility, the creators of SuiteCRM, and I hope the future will bright for everyone.
With SuiteCRM reaching version 8, I hope you will also continue your collaboration, with increasing commitment, and manage to make this software even better.
My apologies for any mistakes I have made in these years… or my bad english!
Note: If your language is almost translated try to complete it 100% before I leave so that the final ZIP packages will be created. Translate a few lines today!
In the words of Douglas Adams, “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!”
Translate here: SuiteCRM core translations in Crowdin


Thank you Horus for setting up and managing the whole translations ecosystem all these years! You did an outstanding job! So sorry to see you go…

:tada: :1st_place_medal:

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