Leads To Target Lists UI?

From what I can see, there is no way to add a Lead to a Target List other than from the List View Screen and bulk selecting…

Is this the most logical way to do this?

For instance suppose you are working in a Lead Record and you want to add them to the Target List from within the Lead Detail View. That doesn’t seem possible…

  • You can add from Reports - this is very versatile.

  • You can use my PowerWorkflows add-on to create such a button on the Detail view

  • if you add a “Target List” subpanel to the Leads module you might be able to get additional ways to do it

I would really like the Subpanel in the Leads Detail View. I thought it should be there anyway, since there is a default relationship of Leads:TargetLists, no?

Maybe. I guess most people just use the Lead in one Target list, and somebody though it should be kept simple. But it’s not a big effort to add the subpanel, so try it and see how it goes.

Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t see a way to add that subpanel in Studio?

Is that because it’s a default relationship? Or am I doing something wrong?

You’re right, it’s not straight-forward to do from Studio, after all.

I hope this helps:

You’ll have to adapt that from Contacts module to Leads.