Leads to Opportunities

I would like to modify the new leads module to include some tick boxes, depending on the answers of these tick boxes I would like to create different opportunities per that new lead/contact.
I started editing the layout in studio but seem to be missing something, the changes are not sowing up when I go back to look at the new lead screen.
What am I missing here?

Did you add the fields to both the edit and detail view within Studio?

Nope, did not know about detail view… how does detail view work, tried adding a field but no options available for the same field or where do I find that field to add to detail view?

sorry, went to contract instead of contacts, stupid mistake… :blush:

I created a check box but that answer must still be linked to something else, there seem to be a lot to do when working in Studio, is there a guide somewhere otherwise I’ll be asking every time I make one adjustment.
That check box is not usable at the moment…

Studio gives you hints and tips in the right pane(collapsible/expandable).

There is also documentation here.



thanks or the help so far, I am hopeful that suiteCRM will become a very useful tool to me :slight_smile:

I have a question as I’m new to this CRM. I’m testing importing contacts for different accounts can’t see how that would work and I see that under “ALL” in the suite dashboard that the contacts I imported show up there but I can’t seem to delete them. Am I missing something?

Sorry Iamtheone, hope Will answers you as I do not know.
I see there use to be a convert lead to opportunity in the SugarCRM system, is that still possible with SuiteCRM? Don’t seem to be able to find it…?

Importing contacts: Specify the account name on import, it will relate. Contacts are stored in the Contacts module. Also, please do not just hijack a topic as Phil was asking questions and yours was unrelated. You should create a new topic.

Phil: There is a check box on the ‘Convert Lead’ screen which allows you to create an opportunity.



Cant find the check box, if I have the specific lead open and busy editing that lead I can covert the lead (status)but don’t see the create opportunity check box ?

You cannot convert a lead by editing it. To convert a lead, you need to click the ‘Convert Lead’ button when viewing the lead.



Ok, found the dropdown by the edit button, almost missed it, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks will do.