Leads Status Column issue when using Filter

Major issue since version 8.2.4 In Leads Listview.

  1. Leads view - No Filter added, all good.
  2. Add a Status Filter for example ‘Converted’ All customers who have been CONVERTED are listed but only the ones already on the page that has the Converted label in the column has the Converted Label. the rest of the customers in this column has other status labels from the Listview page even though they are all converted.
  3. Refresh page and the Status label changes to Converted as they should be.

Can anyone help with this issue?

This is a big issue if you rely on the Status Labels being correct when using a filter. (Example using latest SuiteCRM Demo)

this issue is not related to only Leads list view, I think this issue is appearing on all the dropdown fields. So it is core CRM bug, related to dropdown fields.
@pgr can you please request the development team to look into this issue, dropdown column values are not updating when we implement any search filter. When page is refreshed then correct values appear.


I can open an issue on GitHub, but so can you or anyone else…