Leads save button not working

Suite has been working well for months.

All of the sudden, and with no change to Suite, the save button on leads does not work.

Pressing save validates required fields OK but then does nothing.

My only option is to press Cancel.

The save button on other forms like Accounts, contacts etc works just fine.

I am slightly technical but know little about PHP or how to debug this issue.

Can anyone please give me some pointers of where to start looking to resolve this problem.

I have upgraded to 6.5.20 but it has not fixed the problem.


Additional information:

It appears to be working in IE but not chrome or firefox.

I found this article:



Hi Proware,

is there anything in the sugarcrm.log ? also if you open the console in the browser is there any errors ? (F12 key in firefox )


No Logs, No errors just its as if it was not clicked on.


Have you tried the repair and rebuild within the admin panel ? without any errors it will be very difficult to work out what is going on.


We used IE for a week as a workaround.
Then as mysteriously as the problem occurred, it just went away.
Makes no sense.


Have you able to fix this problem?