Leads - Can they be accounts rather than contacts?

Hi all, brand new CRM user. Sorry if this is a basic question, I just couldn’t find a good answer via google.

I’m planning my implementation process. I have no issues with Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. I can import or create new.

Leads is my issue. In Sugar/Suite, a Lead is a contact. However to me, a lead could either be an Account/Company or a contact. An account/company lead could be a list of similar companies to my current customers. I may not know anyone at the company now, but I need to find someone and meet them. The whole “clone my customer” concept.

And, a lead could also be a contact. I meet someone at a networking event who could be a good customer. I know something about them, but not much yet about their company.


I’m sure others have this same issue. What the best approach to handle the 2 scenarios in Suite??


Hi Mike,

Using the Convert Lead functionality within the leads module, you can convert a lead to an Account.



Hi Will,

To clarify, it’s the fields in the Leads module. Suppose I buy a list of all small business in a certain zip code for a direct mail effort. I’ll have the company name, address, sic codes, etc. but I won’t have a person’s name.

I know I can go into studio and change the fields, keys, and screens. Just didn’t know if that was the best approach or if I’m missing something obvious.