Lead with contact Details of 1 Company and 2 contact persons possible?


The leads i am generating are always having 2 persons including contact Infos, Name etc. and Company Informations.
When i convert a lead i Split the lead into contact and Account.

Does anyone have an advice, how to handle it with 2 persons including Details? I want to convert to Account and create 2 contacts under the Account.

Thanks a lot for your ideas.


I see two variants:

  • add fields into module Leads for the second Contact
  • customize view forms (modules/Leads/metadata/editviewdefs.php, modules/Leads/metadata/detailviewdefs.php)
  • customize convert form (modules/Leads/metadata/convertdefs.php, modules/Leads/views/view.convertlead.php)


  • add relationship one-to-one for Lead-to-Lead
  • add logichook after_save for module Leads:
    if ($bean->status = "Converted") convert related record Lead.

I think that the second variant is easier.