Lead url in Email Template


I have created an email template for when a lead is assigned to a member of the Sales Team and I would like to include a url directly to the specified record.

Is there a standard option that I have missed somehow?


RE: Lead url in Email Template

I know what you’re referring, some call it a “channel” others like SmartSheet can send a single record to an e-mail address having the recipient fill in the blanks or correct the records. FoxIt PDF has the same with their forms. In the end with SuiteCRM or SugarCRM, the user must first have registered within the platform. Beyond that, it’s just assigning a task. This is just what I have witnessed so far, but try reviewing some of the extensions that may have what you need. Be advised, there are a number of different vendor websites that build SCRM and CE extensions.

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That sounds awesome but what I need is even simpler just simply

Please click on the link below to view the record (login required):

So that when the user receives a “Lead Assigned” email he just clicks that link.

I guess simply a “Lead ID” would allow me to build the url - but how do I access the Lead ID within an email template

I am not sure but you can try following way.

  1. Create a link with editor.
  2. In HTML source, write down url. Put id=$leads_id.