Lead Module Merge View

Hi Experts,

When I go to merge leads using merge leads button from bulk action, the merge view displays all the fields of the Lead module.

I want to show only fields visible in the Lead module edit view. (In short, I want to remove fields from the merge view )

Do you know the file path where do I need to change?

Thanks in advance!

From examining that action from the Browser’s developer tools (network tab, check the params for the POST request), I would say maybe have a look under


@pgr Thanks!

Yes, it seems useful but very complex.

The code is taking all the fields of the module. There is no module-specific code. It is going to be a time taking and complex process.

Let me try!


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@pgr Just for your information. I have completed it after spending hours on this. Fortunately it applied to all the modules of the CRM.

In short, default code was getting the list of the fields from the module and I have changed it to the get it from the editviewdefs.


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Can you share the code? This could be useful to other people. Thanks!