Lead List View Layout Changes Not Display in List View


We’re running Version 7.11.2 of SuiteCRM - a new install.

I have successfully edited the Lead List View in the last month, but as of last week it has stopped working.

I can drag fields over in the Layout window. I have to click Save and Deploy twice for the changes to be saved in the Layout view. When I go to Leads/ View Leads, there is no change.

I have also tried Restoring Default, making changes, then running a Quick Repair: at this point my Lead List view shows Name, User, Date Created and nothing else.

I think it’s a cache issue.

Perform your change and click on save in deploy only one time. If you click two times it will go back to previous layout (I believe is a bug on the system but I can’t confirm). Run Quick Repair and Rebuild and then go and check the changes.

If it doesn’t work try to disable/ enable Developer Mode under System Settings and run Quick Repair and Rebuild again.

I had a similar issue when working on XAMPP so I did the above as workaround. Don’t know what the real issue is.



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Thank you - we ended going for a clean install, but I have found that clicking Save and Deploy twice does seem to be a part of the problem.