Lead list view, goto PageNr

I have a long list >1000 leads, I find to scroll the pages with the forward and back buttons at the lower right.
Is there a way to enter a PageNr to go to?
Or leadnumber maybe?
If I now like to go to the 540st lead I need to push forward 27x. (I’m working the list front to back)

there are no “go to page number” out of the box in SuiteCMR, you can add an autoincrement number in lead module so you can go to the ### lead

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thanks for the superfast respons, will this autoincrement also work for the already existing Leads or only for newly entered?

Technically when you add an autoincrement field in any database the engine it self will count all the records from 1 to the number of the items. And it will count the new ones too.

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hmmm, I think I need some help with this. I had a look in Module, Leads, Add Field, but there I don’t see autoincrement in the dropbox, do I need to select Integer and make it autoincrement or so?
Or is it this way like Will told:


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