Lead Import

what is a clear and concise way to upload more than 100 records into leads from my csv file?
can we get a walk-through with whatever edits need to be made in order for our system to take on importing over 80,000 records

im coming from Salesforce user where we had a simple dataloader that would take in as many records as i could pump into the system

a crm program is designed to be used to manage relations between leads and the follow through to client… but the most basic info is so hard to import… shouldn’t this be the first thing we work on.

why are there so many issues doing some of the most basic actions… i cant import 100 out of 80,000 records at a time … why cant i just import the data from my csv file?

thanks in advance
search shows many people with the same issues and i would like to have one place to refer to for future searchers

Hi Giotown,

With a CSV with 80000 records, a script may work better for a bulk import, as it would take a large amount of time for the in-CRM importer to import that volume of records.