Lead CSV import, wrong Date Created

I noticed I got a wrong Date Created when importing Leads from a CSV file.
My user profile has Date Format: 23/10/2010 in the Advanced Tab. Also my CSV file has this same date format.

It looks the day and date are swapped during import:
CSV -> Date Created
10/12/2013 -> 12/10/2013
21/12/2013 -> 12/09/2014 here is day 21 converted to 12 months + 09 months, resulting in an extra year 2013>2014!

I suppose this is also true for importing Opportunities like a saw in another unsolved post here.
Can this be a bug?

what about your system Date Format?

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System, Locale is also on 23/10/2010 (same als user setting)
I noticed later on that while Importing there’s also a button ‘View import file properties’ in Step 2. In there, I see also a Date Format which is at 10/23/2010 in spite my other settings. I suppose with this setting I can do a correct import.

But my already imported Leads are with the wrong date settings. I tried a new import with ‘Create new records and update existing records’ but that doesn’t seems to correct my dates on the earlier imported records. I suppose update record is only done when the field is empty, can that be? Then maybe I can frst bulk erase these date fields and re-populate them with a new import? But I don’t have the date fields available in Bulk Update.
Any ideas how to correct these dates?


In order to update existing records, your .csv lines must contain the record ID of already imported items.

If you include this ID in the .csv file, the records will be updated with the changed fields.



I had a look at the ID field through the sample import file that is available, it looks it is auto populated at former import, it looks like this:“1049afbb-4ca2-8161-6d59-577a32f8abb0”. I didn’t find how to display this ID in module itself?
My import file has an unique ID per Lead, but is has not been used. Can I redo the import and use my own ID for each Lead?


You can export Leads already imported to a csv file, wich will include internal generated ID.

Working with a spreadsheet you may update your original csv file inserting the ID included in the export file.

When you re-import the original csv, with the record ID, Leads will be updated.

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V Barroso

I started over with a new import.
From my testing I conclude that:

  • If I not map an ID in the import, the import self generates a long unique ID. Which is not changeable/viewable in the interface.
  • The Date format under Fileproperties during import does not follow systems settings, I don’t see why? Although you alter it during import.
  • mapped export fields, even blank, will be imported over excisting data when doing upgrade records import.

I don’t see a possibility to leave the Assigned To field blank during import, the current user is always filled in. I would rather fill this in afterwards when assigned.
Even (Mass) unassigning Leads doesn’t look possible.