Lead and Broker containing same Email History

I am facing the issue, I have a lead record with the email testleadpt1234@mailinator.com and I have a broker record with the email testleadpt1234@mailinator.com. the issue is when an email is send by a broker, it is displayed in broker’s history subpanel, also display in lead’s history subpanel (same with lead record). which is wrong. broker should have its own history and lead should have its own history. Please guide me how I can handle this?

Maybe Broker & Leads modules have relationship between them.

I’m assuming your “broker” is a user? And leads are potential clients?

Why would a lead have the same email address as one of your users?

I’m thinking history simply searches for emails to/from the email address of the lead, in your case is the same as a user.

You should really have them have two different email addresses if you don’t want to confuse the email in history.