LDAP - Invalid credentials

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I would like to ask what the reason is why I have this error when I am trying to login using my LDAP account.

In my Windows Server, I create two user SuiteCRM and UserSample, with the same password “p@ssw0rd#1”.

The SuiteCRM user account, which is I used to configure in the SugarCRM LDAP Configuration, and the UserSample is the user that I test to login in the SuiteCRM. See below screenshot for your reference:


Hopping someone can help me on my concern.


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User DN is incorrect, OU means Organizational Unit and DC means Domain Controller, in this case it should be OU=Users,OU=myldappoc,DC=domain,DC=local
domain and local are derived from domain.local, name these accordingly, for you example it is most likely DC=be,DC=local as outlined in your image. Not sure what your domain is, but if you want to check, check the Active Directory Users and Computers application you have open, you should see your domain.local name, I predict it will show be.local based on your image. Your user name also does not need to be a full DN, you only need to include the sAMAccountName, for your example User Name should equal SuiteCRM.

Thanks a lot. It working now.