LDAP Authentication

Hi All,

I’m trying to authenticate SuiteCRM 7.7.5 against a zentyal 4.2 server (uses Samba4).

I’ve manaaged to athenticate other software against it so I know it basically works but can’t find the correct settings to make SuiteCRM authenticate correctly. My current settings are:

Server: localhost
Post: 389
User DN: CN=Users,DC=eqsolutions,DC=local
User Filter:
Bind Attribute: userPrincipalName
Login Attribute: sAMAccountName
Authentication: yes
User Name: CN=Admin Admin, CN=Users,DC=eqcsolutions,DC=local
Password: (admin password)

This just gives me the error - No such object.

Any help would be really great as trying various options for hours is getting me no-where.