LDAP Authentication Not Working

I just downloaded Outlook Plugin v1.1.0.7 and I’m unable to login. I just turned on LDAP authentication for my users today and that’s working beautifully. Unfortunately, when I check the LDAP Authentication on the settings page, I get an error saying “Value was invalid”.

I also noticed that whenever I checked the LDAP box, the key field is enabled. What key is this referring to? Could this be causing the error?

Hi Kagbasi,

This is a known issue. There will be a fix out soon addressing LDAP issues. The ‘Encryption Key’ is the value that you set in Admin -> Password Management within the CRM.



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Thanks Will. I shall wait patiently for the fix (hopefully soon).

Will, Will you be notifying us when this is corrected?

Thank You!

Hi there,

Yes, there will be a topic/notification when a new plug-in is released addressing previous issues.