LDAP Authentication and multiple domains


I am trying to set up LDAP authentication with multiple domains. The connection to the LDAP server works fine but the problem lies with my admin account being on a different domain and the users are on a different domain. It kind of ignores the admin account when connecting or trying to find the user . When i try to see the debug logs i can’t find anywhere where it tries to use admin username, it just uses normal user to bind . I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Below are my connection setting of LDAP authentication

Bind Attribute :cn
Login Attribute:cn
Authentication : ticked
username: xx@xx.com
Auto create users enabled

I would really appreciate any help as one’s we figure out the authentication then we can decide on using the SuiteCRM for our organisation.
Many Thanks,

Which version of SuiteCRM are you using? And PHP?

You want to login to the server with your admin password, but it’s using your user password, is that it?

Thank you for the reply.
Below are the details that you are after

Suite CRM version:Version 7.9.11
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

PHP Version 7.0.27

Yes you have got it right. It doesn’t use the admin username at all.

I really aprreciate your reply.

Many Thanks,

Can you please report this on GitHub, with the exact steps to reproduce the error? Thanks!