Layout Sub-Themes not working



My SuiteCRM is having problems changing the sub-theme layout for Suite P to - Dawn,Dusk,Day etc… if I put my password in and apply one, the entire system goes into a text style menu running down the left with no GUI. The only way in fixing it is to reset user preferences.

I have updated to the very latest version of 7.11xx

Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it?

Have you ever customized your theme by any chance? If true, you will need to migrate your customizations to a most recent version of the P theme.


Broz Tecnologies

I have never customized and just upgraded and installed the latest 7.11 patch.

I have the same problem with 7.11.13 fresh installation.
Any ideas?

When you select other themes and apply it, do you see any errors in Browser Console panel (Press F12 to bring up the panel and select console tab to see if there are any issues)

I solved the problem changing folder permissions to 775 on cache/themes/SuiteP/css/Night


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It resolve the problem, thanks man! :+1: