Layout field Display Name for related module


I have created a relationship between Contacts (many) to a custom module ‘Partners’ (one). In Studio>Layouts>Edit View the display name is ‘Partners’ and if I change it to ‘Partner Name’ (in the same way Accounts is shown as Account Name), once I Save & Deploy it reverts back to Partners. Is there any way to save the change without it reverting back?


It could be a permission or ownership issue in your custom directory.
Please check directory custom/modules/Contacts/language is writable or not?


Details below:

pwd: /var/www/suitecrm7/custom/modules/Contacts

ls -l: drwxrwsr-x 2 www-data www-data 4096 May 21 13:12 language

Do you have new entry in that file?

It seems you have sticky bit in permission

Unfortunately, I believe this is due to a bug in SuiteCRM.
Whatever label has been defined in the Extension framework cannot be changed in Studio due to the order of the language files loaded in LanguageManager.php

        $lang_paths = array(
            'modules/' . $module . '/language/' . $lang . '.lang.php',
            'modules/' . $module . '/language/' . $lang . '.lang.override.php',
            'custom/modules/' . $module . '/language/' . $lang . '.lang.php',
            'custom/modules/' . $module . '/Ext/Language/' . $lang . '.lang.ext.php',

A PR fixing that was accepted, but was reverted later for some reason I can’t understand.

Funny… Maybe we should ask why?