Latest calls record in list view

I have renamed calls module as follow up module in suitecrm. In this module I am having date filed and next follow up field .In the date field i am getting the current date and in next follow up filed i am getting date and time .For example our next follow up may be tomorrow at 5 p.m.

My problem is in list view it is currently displaying all follow up records .but i need to list only the latest next follow up date and time of each user .our final output should be each contact contains only one record .

Clear Explanation :

Once the client follows a customer based on the next follow up date and time(18-6-2019) this follow up gets over .In order to follow him next time he may create a next follow up date (20-6-2019).I need to display only the latest ie (20-6-2019)follow up in the list view .

Is the next follow up field searchable? Have you tried a filter on the list view, using this field?

If that is not enough, you will have to create a new query (probably as a subpanel of the customer) where your specific list appears).

You can add the Date field to search and set the Filter on that field in List View to “Next Seven Days” which will search for the next appointments.
For example you can check the Calls module and in the Search Filter you can experiment on the Start Date field.