Lararvel and suitecrm SAML

I am using self-signed certs:

I’m trying to enable SAML between Laravel and Suite, I’ve already have all the certs ready my problem is that I’m getting this error in Laravel:

      ErrorException (E_WARNING)
      DOMDocument::createElementNS(): unterminated entity reference module=Users

            protected function manyElementsToXml($value, \DOMNode $node, SerializationContext $context, $nodeName = null, $namespaceUri = null)
                if (false == $value) {
                if (false == is_array($value)) {
                    throw new \LogicException('value must be array or null');
                foreach ($value as $object) {
                    if ($object instanceof SamlElementInterface) {
                        if ($nodeName) {
                            throw new \LogicException('nodeName should not be specified when serializing array of SamlElementInterface');
                        $object->serialize($node, $context);
                    } elseif ($nodeName) {
                        if ($namespaceUri) {
                            $child = $context->getDocument()->createElementNS($namespaceUri, $nodeName, (string) $object);
                        } else {
                            $child = $context->getDocument()->createElement($nodeName, (string) $object);
                    } else {
                        throw new \LogicException('Can handle only array of AbstractSamlModel or strings with nodeName parameter specified');

Laravel saml.php content

    return [
        'sp' => [
            'issuer' => env('APP_URL'),
            // add your cert.pem and key.pem to /storage/saml
            'cert'   => 'saml',
            'key'    => 'saml',
            '' => [
                'destination' => '',
                'type'        => 'crm',

If I remove this part &module=Users the error disappears but I end up with an infinite redirect as I’m guessing Suite isn’t able to redirect it properly without &module=Users.

So my question here is what am I doing wrong and does Suite have a different login URL for SAML authentication?